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Christmas Tree Equipments

Flanged Adapters

We manufacture API 6A monogrammed 6BX & 6B Flanged Adapters having end and outlet connections of different nominal sizes and/or pressure ratings used to connect other pieces of equipment of different nominal sizes and/or pressure ratings.

Tees & Crosses

We manufacture API 6A monogrammed Tees and crosses with the sizes and design as specified in API 6A. The studded inlet, end/outlet connections are provided with standards stud bolt with nuts meeting the API 20E specification.

Blind & Test flanges for pressure test and re-certification

We manufacture API 6A monogrammed 6BX & 6B blind and test flanges to meet your blind and pressure test requirements.

We offer pressure test services for the re-certification of your wellhead equipments, connectors and fittings.

Our Re-certification includes dimensional inspection, NDE, and Pressure test with chart including the machining repairs of your equipments.

We offer welding overlays of the ring grooves with corrosion resistant alloys inconel 625 or austenitic stainless steel SS 316L to resist metal-loss corrosion.

Threaded connectors and cross over connectors

We offer manufacture of the threaded connectors with sizes meeting the requirements of API 6A with unions both integral as well as welded to meet your completion requirements.

Top connectors

We manufacture the top connectors or well head caps that provide access to the Christmas tree bore with the lift threads as specified in the API 6A.