Engine Refurbishment Services

Engine refurbishment unit is equipped with specialized machines to repair Engine parts. This unit consists of various machines and required tools and fixtures to serve the transportation and marine industries. With experience of over 30 years NIEC can guarantee the quality of work in the following field.

This Unit consists of machines like:

1. Valve Seat Cutting Machine
2. Valve Seat Facing Machine
3. Cylinder Head Pressure Testing Machine
4. Cylinder Block Line Boring machine
5. Cylinder Boring Machine
6. Table Cylinder boring Machine
7. Honing Machine
8. Crank Shaft Grinding Machine
9. Connecting Rod Grinding machine
10. Surface Grinding Machine
11. Hydraulic Milling and Grinding Machine
12. Valve Facing Machine
13. Brake Disc/Drum Grinding Machine
14. Hydraulic Press Machine.