Fabrication Services

We undertake the following jobs for Fabrication of the Diesel Tanks, Water Tank , Basket, Choke Manifold, Pressure testing Mould, Buckets, Crane's Boom, Beams, Shed, Hand Rails, Walkway , Ladders, Flanges, Doors, Water Pipe Line, Oxygen and Air Pipe line work, Roller For Pipe Laying, Over Head Crane, Jib crane, Skid, Ramp, Lamp Post, Lifting Beams Baskets, SS Ducts and Structural Steel work.

NIEC is staffed with well experienced and qualified Engineers and technicians who are geared to handle all kind of jobs and contracts with great hands of experience.

Our Fabrication Unit equipped with following Machines:

1. CNC Water jet Cutting Machine
2. Oxyfuel Profile Cutting Machine
3. Plasma Cutting Machine
4. Shearing Machine
5. Bending Machine
6. Heavy Duty Rolling Machine
7. Hydraulic Iron Works machine
8. Drilling Machines.
9. TIG,MIG and ARC Welding Machines