Machine Shop Facility/ Service

Our machine shop is Spacious and well planned to execute different ranges of jobs to suit the need of our valued customers and . We also undertake Refurbishment works of Pump shaft, Impellers, Buckets, Ball valve, Ball Joints, i.e. Engine parts, Marine Equipments and Part, Gear box and Industrial Parts

Our machine shop is well equipped with the following machines:

1. Heavy Duty Lathe Machine: Dia 1800 x 8000mm long bed
2. Heavy Duty Facing Lathe: Dia 2500mm
3. Lathe Machines: Dia 5mm to Dia 1500mm
4. Milling Machines
5. Horizontal Boring Machines
6. Vertical Boring Machine
7. Slotting machines
8. Shaping Machines
9. Radial Drilling Machines
10. Heavy Duty Drilling Machines
11. Planner Machine

Our Special Machines includes:

1. CNC lathe Machine
2. ARC Metal Spray Machine
3. Lapping Machine
4. Portable Line Boring Machine for site works